Updated on March 23rd, 2020

1. Focus on quickly and safely stopping your vehicle

One of the first things an officer will observe is how you stop. If you drive erratically, fail to use your turn signal, pull over in an unsafe location, or take too long to stop, all of this will be noted in the police report and will be used against you.

2. Have your license and insurance card ready

Officers will immediately request your license and insurance, and they are trained to note how you respond to the request.

3. Be cognizant of guilt seeking questions

If an officer smells an alcoholic beverage, he/she will start asking you guilt seeking questions. For example, “have you been drinking tonight”, “how many drinks have you had” or “where are you coming from?” Remember, you are not required to provide any of this information to the officer.

4. Request to speak to an attorney before any testing

If you smell like an alcoholic beverage, you will be asked to complete field sobriety tests, take a portable breath test, or provide a sample of your breath or blood. You MUST ask to speak to an attorney before doing anything.

5. Stop talking

Nervous people and anyone trying to avoid arrest talk too much. If you smell like an alcoholic beverage there is a high probability that you are going to be arrested for DWI, no matter what you do or say. Do not provide the officer more evidence of guilt, especially when you are likely being recorded.

6. Talk to an attorney

Talk to an attorney before deciding whether or not to take a chemical test.
If you are placed under arrest for DWI, the officer will ask to take a chemical test of your breath or blood. This request is called the Implied Consent Warning. You must speak to an attorney before deciding. If you call my cell, 314-680-2420, I can help you decide.

7. Be respectful and polite

The police officer is trying to gather evidence. Realize that public safety is their job and they are just trying to do their job. Be respectful and polite.

8. Do NOT drive impaired

The best way to avoid a DWI is to not drive impaired. This can be difficult because it is not illegal to drink and drive. Error on the side of caution. If you have two regular sized alcoholic beverages, call an UBER. The cost and inconvenience of doing this is far less than the potential cost of hurting yourself or someone else, arrest, impacting your record, paying an attorney, and higher insurance rates and fines.

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Updated on March 23rd, 2020