DWI lawyer

Posted by Carol Kohler

Matt Fry was amazing.!!!
I recommended this lawyer to several of my friends, and he was superb in every case. He cleared all the wrongful accusations against them regarding their cases. Extremely professional!
I will recommend him to everyone. Don’t look for any other lawyer. Hire Matt Fry!!
He is the absolute best!!! Thank you Matt!!

DWI lawyer

Posted by Tejas Phatak

Facing a serious traffic violation, I sought out Matthew Fry's representation. Throughout the process, Matt was incredibly professional and supportive. His expertise and dedication resulted in the best possible outcome: a dismissal of the charges and the return of my driving privileges. I highly recommend Matt Fry to anyone facing a similar situation.

DWI lawyer

Posted by Steven Blau

Matt Fry is an "outstanding" criminal defense attorney. My cases involved a breathalyzer refusal (license case) and a DWI charge (criminal case). Between exculpatory circumstances surrounding the breathalyzer refusal coupled with Matt's negotiation skills, he secured an outcome "all" parties could live with, i.e. the DWI charge was amended to a lesser/non-alcohol (C&I) charge, which disappears after 6 months of unsupervised/bench probation, resulting in no criminal conviction/record.  And, the refusal/license case was dismissed, resulting in my license being returned, and, my driving record was cleared of any wrongdoing.  Also "noteworthy", during the pendency of my cases, Matt did his utmost to ensure my life remained as nondisruptive as possible, i.e. I "never" lost my driving privileges and I "never" had to appear in court.  Again, Matt Fry is the "best" of the "best"!

DWI lawyer
Posted by Robin Rodermund
Matt was my second attorney after my first attorney couldn’t get what I needed. I strongly suggest you hire Matt. He saved my license.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Jerry Benetatos
To all my fellow CDL drivers, if the unfortunate event happens, Matthew Fry is the lawyer you will need.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Larry Van Gels
The outcome was better than I could have imagined. Matt made my issue go away.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Quentin Freeborn
Mr Fry , Made sure I keep my freedom. As much freedom we have these days. His ways are a little different I noticed from most, However; that’s what it takes to help people in this upside down world. I totally recommend whoever to have him helping you.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Heather Layton
The absolute best. Did not have to worry about anything, Matt gets back almost right away and super helpful, constantly kept me updated on everything!
DWI lawyer
Posted by Amy George
Matt Fry is very professional and did a great job! I felt very confident in his abilities the second I sat down with him. Definitely recommend!
DWI lawyer
Outstanding to work with and very personable. He is an attorney who can be trusted to represent...
DWI lawyer
Posted by Drew Kahn
Very professional. Took the time to get to know me and work with me. He explained that everything...
DWI lawyer
Posted by Alex Buddemeyer
Great Law Firm and Matt is a great attorney, highly recommended
DWI lawyer
Posted by Nicholas Akerberg
Matt Fry handled my case with incredible care and consideration. He is most certainly a top expert in his field. My impaired driving case was dismissed and license case won. Best outcome possible.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Anon Smith

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Matt Fry is a Legal God.

Memorize his number. Tattoo it on your arm. You never know when you'll need to call a lawyer, and it's good to be prepared.

DWI lawyer
Posted by Hoja Pura
As a doctor it was very important protect my record. Matt made sure my felony charge was dismissed. I received 2 years probation which he eventually got reduced to only one year. He is amazing at returning phone calls and emails quickly. He is direct, straightforward and really will do his best to help you. I highly recommend him, especially for professionals or people held in high standards that may find themselves in an unfortunate legal situation.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Scott McKinney
I have used this law firm in the past, and came back to them when I was in need of legal guidance because of their diligence and professionalism. Matt Fry put my mind at ease after our initial meeting and gave me the confidence I needed to let go of the anxiety that legal troubles can cause an individual. Highly recommend this law firm and Matt Fry especially.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Private Person
Matt Fry is an amazing attorney. I found myself in an unfortunate situation where I had made a mistake and faced a serious legal issue. Matt was able to analyze the case, and realize that there was pending litigation in the Missouri Supreme Court that could directly effect the outcome of my case. Where a lessor attorney may not have even been aware of the pending case and would have advised me to take a plea deal. Because of his knowledge, Matt has able to navigate the legal system effectively so the Supreme Court decision could be used in my case and ultimately got the charges reduced to something insignificant. His advice and counsel was valuable and reassuring. He always returned my phone calls and texts in a timely manner. If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to mine, you want Matt in your corner.
DWI lawyer
Posted by anonymous


Matt was an excellent attorney! He stayed "on top" of all matters, and kept me informed of what was going on! He was great to work with! Highly recommend him!
DWI lawyer
Posted by anonymous
The Best Lawyer!
Matt Fry is the best lawyer in St.Louis Missouri! When it comes to fighting any case nothing is guaranteed but he did his best to fight my case and WON ! I'm so happy 🙂
DWI lawyer
Posted by Shane W
Great attorney!
Extremely knowledgeable and always returned calls and emails very quickly. I would highly recommend.
DWI lawyer
Posted by Eli Karabell
Matt Fry is a great attorney, highly recommend him for all of your legal needs. - EBK l
DWI lawyer
Posted by Michael Gross
Matt Fry is one of the most intelligent and focused attorneys I have known in my 45 years of law practice. He is smart about the analysis of legal problems, relentless in his pursuit of justice for his firm's clients, and held in the highest esteem by judges and his fellow lawyers. We have worked together on several cases. His abilities are extraordinary.
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